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Produced towards those who want to make businesses thrive, whether that’s specialising in data, IT or online communities and content.

Created for those with creativity in mind and may want to make virtual reality a reality or produce an incredible digital experience the user won’t forget.

Roles made for those problem solvers and solution focused people who would like a career in software, hardware, digital repair or those who want to become a cyber security extraordinaire.

Prepare for your career in digital with us

The rise in technology has brought a wide range of digital jobs meaning that there are lots of opportunities to climb the career ladder quickly and work for some pretty cool companies along the way.

Jobs can include working in games design studios, software engineering/networking companies or IT project engineers. Some roles may be based in an office or at different locations depending on the project or work.

Greater Manchester is leading the way in digital innovation, positioned to become one of Europe’s top regions, boasting some of the most cutting-edge technology firms.

In Oldham, there are more than 450 digital businesses alone employing over 5,500 people in the industry.

With increasing demand and the world getting ever more connected, there’s so many opportunities out there on your doorstep.

That’s where you come in and by learning the skills and gaining the right experience, you can make a positive difference and be part of something special.

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