Finding the right course
for you

Where do I start?

Sometimes it’s not just about finding the right course, but working out what it is you want to do. When considering what course to choose, think about:

Where the course is

Do you want to be based at home, do distance learning, or move away for your course?

How you best find to study

Are you better at more coursework based courses, or better with exams? Do you want to learn full-time or part-time, or to combine working and learning?

What you will study

This it a general subject you’ll need to study or something more specific for your career choice?

Keep your options open

  • You can keep your options open and develop several skills by choosing subjects from different fields.
  • For instance, Design and Technology offers the chance to practice working with your hands, while humanities subjects like Business Studies can give you an insight into how companies are run.
  • English, Maths and Science, meanwhile, are compulsory and could be especially important as they often form part of the main entry requirements for most careers and apprenticeships in construction.

Research your career

Find your ideal role based upon your interests and skills

Do your research

  • Research all the subjects you’re thinking of taking by:
  • Speaking to people already working in their chosen profession
  • Speaking to teachers
  • Checking online for information about what employers want

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The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

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